And Lest We Forget: Remembering Ward One

In 2010, I curated my first exhibition for the South Caroliniana Library, the University of South Carolina’s special collections library.  The exhibit, And ‘Lest We Forget: Remembering Ward One, was based on the work of my thesis, “’Casualty of Progress’: The Ward One Community and Urban Renewal, Columbia, South Carolina, 1964-1974.” The exhibition chronicled an urban renewal project in Columbia, South Carolina that uprooted an African-American township in the 1960s.  As the curator, I designed all text panels, prepared exhibit budget and managed the disbursement of funds, and supervised and trained student volunteers during the exhibit installation.

Ward one exhibit
Exhibit Opening Reception

                     ward one text intro exhibit                         

NCPH poster session
Presenting the Ward One exhibit documentary at the 2009 NCPH poster session

Exhibit film documenting the history of the Ward One Community

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