Gone but not Forgotten: Booker T. Washington High School, 1916-1974

My most comprehensive public programming project to date involved developing the concept, theme, and design for an exhibition highlighting Booker T. Washington High School, the only African-American high school in Columbia, South Carolina from 1918 until the late 1940s. I served as a contracted museum consultant for the Boudreaux Group, Inc., a local architecture firm, and also the community liaison between the firm and the University of South Carolina. In addition to providing the concept for the exhibit design, I managed a team of interns and other historians in hosting public forums, meetings, and workshops to educate the BTW alumni about the project and to gather materials for the exhibit. The project was recognized by Historic Columbia Foundation with two preservation awards in 2014.

btw 1 btw2 btw3 btw4

Historically Speaking – Newsletter of Historic Columbia Foundation – Booker T. Washington High School Project

The State Newspaper – Columbia, SC – Booker T. Washington High School Project

Exhibit film documenting the history of Booker T. Washington High School

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