Ladies Hermitage Association Collection, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Within The Hermitage’s permanent collection is housed the Ladies Hermitage Collection. This material contains artifacts, photographs, organizational records, publications, and documents relating to the establishment and activities of the Ladies’ Hermitage Association; the operation of the historic Hermitage properties as historic sites; and materials relating to the Tennessee Confederate Soldiers Home, which was operated on the Hermitage property during the LHA period.

In the fall of 2014, The Hermitage began an extensive rebranding campaign that resulted in the changing of the name of the site and the name/composition of the board to the Andrew Jackson Foundation. For my residency project, I began processing the LHA Collection as an archival collection that will be utilized by Hermitage personnel as well as external researchers.  A complete finding aid for the collection will be created for the collection at a later date.

To finance the project, I submitted a funding request to the Tennessee State Library and Archives. The Hermitage received a 2015 Direct Grant to Local Archives Award which covered the cost of supplies for the entire project.

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